About Us

Vidarshana Publishers is one of the most reputed and well -established book publishing companies in Sri Lanka.

Founded in 1997, Vidarshana has published a large number of books, including, translations (from English to Sinhala), fiction as well as non-fiction, short stories and poetry collections, written by  the most prominent authors in the country.

Vidarshana Publishers and its publications have won 28 national and other awards since the establishment of the publishing house in 1997.

Vidarshana’s new venture, Progress Publishing, which was founded in 2019, has become one of the leading publishing houses for children’s and educational books in Sri Lanka.

www.vidarshana.lk – online book store is the latest addition to Vidarshana Publishers. 

www.vidarshana.lk  online book store presents an extensive collection of books to the reader. It is not only a “one-stop shop” for book lovers, but also an interactive and innovative destination designed to make discovering and shopping new books online a unique experience.